Mask Man
Elegant and Unique Social Distancing Masks
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Masks are available currently only by email
$20 p/mask - Ships ONLY within Canada by Canada Post- $6.
Mask Man Mask Man Mask Man
Mask Man Mask Man Mask Man


  • Masks are strictly a 'social distancing' mask.
  • They are NOT medical grade and NOT intended as N95 or surgical masks, which are reserved for Health Care Workers.


  • Regular Mask Base: 2 layers of cotton, sewn on serger and finished on standard sewing machine - all with elastics. All are Washable, reversible - $20 p/mask or 3 for $50.
  • Fancy Mask - Feature the addition of a more decorative layer of breathable fabric; silk, organza, lace or other. All should be hand washed / delicate - $25-40 p/mask.
  • Sizing: Regular and Fancy mask come in a standard 'Adult' and a smaller 'Child' sizes.
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