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Triathlete Stroke Improvement Sessions
Coach Kelvin has not only a vast experience in swimming, but he is also very skilled in teaching the proper technique and correcting the stroke to people like me that have not a strong swimming background. He helped me to be aware of my mistakes and proposed effective drills to work on them. Thanks to him I swim in a more enjoyable and relaxed way. I strongly recommend him - Date: Aug 2014
Hello over there!
So, I woke up this morning and I'm an Ironwoman... still can't believe I made it... the swim was completely insane - limbs flying everywhere and impossible to sight the first buoy - all I could see was arms flailing on the horizon when I looked up.... I kept on thinking of everything you had taught me and I am sooooo glad you made us do drafting exercises - it really helped. Despite all the chaos it was actually quite fun and I felt GREAT when I finished, so all your fabulous coaching paid off! As ever, thank you so much for getting me round - Date: June 2008
A Good Swim Coach
I just got back to Toronto about an hour ago. It was a great race, and I have to say that the swim was by far the easiest part of it. I felt great and strong. I still can't believe I did it at all, let alone in that time. As far as I'm concerned, the credit is yours. I would not have been able to do it without your coaching and patience. Thanks for all your help - Date: July 2008
You are an Ironman
There is something crazy about hearing yourself being called that. Sure, ... it's been a very humbling experience from start to finish. The swim was much faster than I expected - Date: Nov 2007
Ironman Florida
Hi Kelvin, just finished the I'm in Florida in under 16hrs. Thanks for all your help! I did the 4km swim in 1h30 which really surprised me. I was expecting to come in at 2hrs - Date: Nov, 2007
Oannes Feedback
Just a quick note thanking you for helping me achieve my (swim) goal. I competed in the New Zealand Ironman last weekend. My Ironman Austria swim in 2006 was 1:15. My goal 5 months ago was to get out of the 3.8km swim at 1:10 or get out at 1:15 feeling fresh. I swam in 1:08 and felt fresh! Many thanks. Overall, the swim helped me strat confident and acheive an Ironman PR at 11:39. I'm taking a week or two off and would then like to rejoin the group. Many thanks - Date: March 2007
The Big Swim
Swam in 1:12 vs 1:20 last year. Big improvement. Overall completed the IMF race in 12:25 vs 13:37 last yr. So this yr I beat 51% of all athletes vs last year at 30%! Thanks for all your great coaching - Date: Nov 2007
Oannes Swims
Just a quick note to let you know ......I had a great swim in Lake Placid Ironman 2 weeks ago. Knocked around 4 minutes off my previous time for the swim...and I owe that to your stroke improvement course. Thank you so much! - Date Aug 2007

"Hi Kelvin,
The instruction you have given me to date has resulted in a phenomenal change in my ability to stay in the water comfortably... I swam all 1000m continuously at a very comfortable pace using your 3x300 drill suggestion... added 4 more lengths all without stopping... I could have kept going... breathing control is significantly better. P.S. I now have a new problem....because I can stay in the water for so long I end up with motion sickness after my swim! I actually see it as a good sign! :)" July 2007

"… I was instructed to swim at my level and not encouraged to keep up... even though there were 8 of us, I never felt deprived of instruction or coaching." Margaret Feb 2006

"Coach Kelvin ROCKS! He is knowledgeable, professional, and even has a sense of humour. Coach Kelvin definitely knows the material and has a great approach to teaching. He is able... to determine their specific needs and communicate his feedback in a way that can be heard. He helped me gain a new sense of comfort in the water... as I contemplate racing much longer distances... thanks for creating an opening for me to believe that it is possible." Feb 2006
"Kelvin took the time to speak with me before the session to understand my background and what I was looking to gain. He was the first swimming coach to understand that although I had completed an Ironman race, I did not feel confident and secure in the water. By the end of the session I learned to feel relaxed in and supported by the water, for the first time in my swimming life. Although I have much work to do, and will most likely repeat the session, I know that I've found the coach that can teach me the basics and lay the foundation upon which I can build strength, power and speed." Jan 2006
"Coach Kelvin... We had our 1500 metre time swim this morning and I did it in 37.55 – THREE minutes faster than the last time and ... Roger did 33:10 – 2 mins faster than his last time and Ben 38.41 – about THREE minutes faster as well – all in all – we all have to say thank you very much for your coaching skills!!' Judy Nov 2005
"Coach Kelvin - Just back from 1/2 Iron Man, Miami (2k swim. 90k bike. 21k run). The best part of my race was the swim! Based on my summer(2005) tri swims of 750 m in 22 min.... expected ... 1 hr plus... time was 40 minutes (2km swim)! Obviously a great deal of thanks are due to you." - Rob - Nov 2005
"Excellent and informative session - I think it helped me to cut off at least 1 minute off my 1500 swim this morning (24/10/2005!!) - I can feel the difference when my hand enters the water 8 inches under instead of skimming the surface."
"Overall, the session was very beneficial to me and gives me a place to continue perfecting my stroke. The small class size meant that I got lots of personal attention. I also appreciate that even though I was a bit further along than the other participants, I still got the same amount of attention and feedback as the others."
"Kelvin is very knowledgable on the subject. The analogies used were helpful, although sometimes I had to ask for clarification, which was then adequately provided."
"Hi Kelvin - Thank you for the course last March... it really seems to have paid off. I am a fair bit quicker over both sprints (and more importantly) over the longer distances. The only drawback is Kim (my coach) keeps pushing me up lanes and I am finishing practice barely able to drag my ass out of the pool. The fact that you work with a small number of swimmers is ideal... makes the course truly excellent. I really think that your program is probably the best stroke improvement course that is available." Ian
"I am very satisfied with having taken this course - it was very helpful. I really appreciate your organization of the class content (goals for each class; notes) and sticking to your class schedule. Your conscientiousness comes through and is very much appreciated." - Gabrielle
"Hey Kelvin ... just wanted to thank you for the sessions.... the swim of the IronMan was an overwhelming success for me and I know the clinics I took with you were a great help in getting me there! Thanks again!" Ralph / PS I did 3800m in 1:23hrs....
"This is the third clinic I've taken. I've noted growth in your instruction style. A very positive change. The inclusion of written notes (I didn't pick up the notes for session 3, nor 6, since I wasn't there) and the addition of your own approaches to swimming techniques shows development. Good job!" Bill
"Really great course - covered a lot of technique and new concepts that you read, but don't know what it feels like." Anonymous Swimmer
"Great sessions! You really know your stuff and are good with learner like me. Very valuable session, positive environment!" Anonymous Swimmer
"Excellent, excellent workshop. It was a real insight into what is currently incorrect with my stroke and it also provided me some great drills to take away and work on on my own. Even... I still feel that I have learned a great deal. I'm hoping to repeat the workshop at some point and make it to all the sessions." Catherine
"Kelvin is very approachable and truly conveyed a 'coach quality' in terms of helping and striving for excellence in development. Kelvin is Coach Fantastic!" Dana
"I enjoyed the sessions very much and I feel much more confident with my free style stroke, being more aware of how to use proper technique and to be more effective. A great way to get back into swimming! Thanks!" Darren
"I keep forgetting to email you and let you know that despite some (mild) chop and winds I had a fantastic swim at the Peterborough Sprint race. The course may have been short due to the buoys getting blown about, but I was still about two minutes faster than last year and... so my swimming has definitely improved this year." Terri
Aquaphobia Sessions
How's it goin?
I just want to say thank you for teaching me how to swim freestyle. I still remember seeing you last November and can only swim 2 laps. Now I swim 2 km with ease. Your knowledge helped me in picking up techniques... I believe I still own u a beer for teaching me to swim sub 20 min km - Date: Sept 2006
"I want to thank you for the time you spent helping me in Toronto. I was at the local pool today and I can truly say I noticed quite a difference in my confidence level in general. I got up and down the pool on my back without hesitation and worked on the sculling drills. I find the sculling particularly useful because it gives me confidence that if there is any type of panic, I can go into that motion and get my bearings. I think the "breakthrough" is coming faster than I hoped it would. I'll keep you posted." Anonymous Swimmer
"I have really enjoyed my sessions with Kelvin. He is very calm and gives lots of suggestions and feedback. He is open to hearing any suggestions that you may have. He will work with your comfort level. It is very important to tell him how you are feeling." Anonymous Swimmer
"Thanks for the visualization tips. They're very helpful."Anonymous Swimmer
"I have a fear the water, especially if I can't touch the bottom. In five sessions I feel more comfortable with the water... the deep end causes some anxiety for me and I internalize it." Anonymous Swimmer
"I had one really terrible lesson, and I felt like stopping (the sessions). I didn't tell Kelvin at first and then after I spoke with him, he was very reassuring and picked out all the things I had succeeded with and I decided I wasn't so pathetic." Anonymous Swimmer
Open Water Swimming
"I just wanted to say thanks for your coaching at Cherry Beach this summer. I did the island sprint triathlon yesterday— my first triathlon— and it went great. I felt calm, confident and relaxed in the water (a far cry from how I started out my first class) and I couldn't have asked for a better swim. I started out towards the back of the wave to avoid the crowd, went a bit wide so I didn't get caught up in the fray, and focused on my stroke and the 5/2 breathing pattern as you suggested.
I'm not sure what happened to everyone else in my wave, but at the end of the swim I was somehow 7th out of the 39 in my age group— way better than I would have ever hoped for. I couldn't have done it without your help. Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to joining you again next summer." Dan 2013

"Hi Coach K, Thanks so much for the coaching this summer. You've taken me from being someone very uncomfortable with swimming in open water and in a wet suit, to some one who is fully comfortable with swimming races in open water." Chris 2013

"I found the open swimming I did with you earlier this year in June was really useful and got me ready for the water this year much better than I have ever been before . I am no great swimmer but it sure helped me. I am able to approach open water with confidence." Anthony 2006
Open Water Swim Training Camp
"Taking the swim camp really changed my perspective about swimming and my stroke. During the weekend, it was tough, but in the short weeks that followed I began to realize the changes. My confidence in the water has grown tremendously. Thanks!" Anonymous Swimmer
"I found (coach) Kim's approach very good. If the individual things (instruction) she gave each swimmer were all as good as what she told me and the goals she set for me, then she did a remarkable job!" Mathe

"Facilities: bunks adequate, dry land workshop rooms good and the lake is beautiful. Food: basic good quality, unlimited quantity! Admin: everything went smoothly there were no glitches. Swim courses: good variety, going around the island would be cool, possibly make this a pacing session where 3-4 closely matched swimmers must stay together one lifeguard on a board could cover them, (so that 3-4 lifeguards and cover the whole group in small bunches). Visualization Workshop: useful and interesting, I think repeat participants will need a different approach. Stroke Shaping Workshop: This was new. what about legs?, backstroke (ok not necessary in an open water weekend). Core Strength Workshop: I liked this, it renewed my interest in anatomy. I had a great time and learned a lot, especially about myself." Sandor

Perfect Stroke Workshops
"you're really a very good coach kelvin" Swimmer who took Perfect Stroke Butterfly sessions.
Total Immersion Workshops
"It is a tribute to both of you (Eric Quane, TI Coach and Kelvin Landolt, organizer) that I was left with a series of tremendous insights into all elements of the swimming stroke, which will serve as an excellent base for improvement going forward. Thank you for exceeding my expectations. Look forward to the refresher course." David March 2006
"Eric (TI Coach) was an excellent instructor. He was able to provide excellent examples, describe them verbally and then illustrate through demonstration." March 2006
"... had a great time this weekend. After...recognizing that I was not the most efficient swimmer, the TI technique was really an eye-opener. When asked... how I thought I was doing, the words I used to describe myself were 'quieter' & 'smoother'... " March 2006
Triathlete Stroke Improvement Perfect Stroke Workshops
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