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Private Swim Training

Your Private Pool

For these Pool 1on1 sessions, we'll work specifically on your needs with the goal of getting you swimming with ease and comfort in Freestyle, Back Stroke, Breast Stroke or Butterfuly.

Program is customized to each swimmer/group. Open to you sharing with any number of swimming (family members) you cohab with.

Total Immersion Swim Techniques:

We will use Total Immersion Swimming techiniques t

o teach either Freestyle and Back Stroke (together) and/or Breast Stroke and Butterfuly. These methods are easy to follow and a true progression of skills and drills taking you from a body float to flowing with ease and comfort in all four competitive strokes.

Email your interest to Coach Kelvin
For 2on1 (you someone you cohab with) or even 3on1 (your small cohab group), in any category, add $20 per extra swimmer.
Your Pool 1on1 - $120 to $200 +HST

For those of you who have access to a pool, rates are subject to change and dependant on the location of your pool.

Must be scheduled and paid in advance.

Possible Equipment Suggested: Flippers

Location: For condo pools, you MUST be the resident of the building. Pool facility MUST consent to having a Swim Coach on deck with you.



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