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Cherry Beach

Not a 'learn to swim' program
Feature Coaches:
Kelvin Landolt - Triathlon Level 1 Coach, Open Water Specialist & NLS Certified

Cherry Beach 2008
OWWeek Swim Adventure - Sun or Sat
Working in a smaller group, Coach Kelvin will take you on a Swim Adventure at various beaches across the greater Toronto Area. These swims are NOT a learn to swim program; open to swimmers who are more competent and experienced in open water.
spacer June 20 to Aug 20 - 9 Wks
Fee: $45 cash Beachside per swim
Swim Training Sessions:
  8 AM start Sunday or Saturday
Email to register ASAP
Various locations: Cherry Beach, Rat Beach, Woodbine Beach, RC Harris Water Treatment Beach, Wards Beach, Hanlan's Beach or other.
1on1 - Open Water Swim Skills
Coach Kelvin is available for more individual support with an introduction to Open Water and Swim Skills or to work with a more experience swimmers to refine strokes for open water.
Rate: $130+HST per hour session
Schedule: Mon, Wed & Friday 7:30-8:30 AM
Email for more info

Oannes Swims

Cherry Beach is sometimes called 'Clarke Beach'



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