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Welcome to the Skip Tracing Institute.

Mr. Kevin Robert McLeish has compiled the course selections in the Skip Tracing Institute interactive site, from over ten years of experiences in the Collection Industry. KRM has work directly in the field, on the 'front line' and has found satisfaction through creating the ABCs to Skip Tracing guide and now this educational center based on this guide. Kevin felt his experience, much like compiling information on a skip, should not have gone undocumented.

"The Skip Trace Industry is fraught with one nighters, stars of the moment, lines of the day… one cannot move forward without them.”

The Institute was developed to train individual or companies to learn the intricacies of skip tracing. By following our step by step procedures in the To Do List, you will gain the discipline and insight on how to locate anyone.

One of the most interesting things about skip tracing is that it is an industry in constant transition. Anyone might become your skip, often under circumstances far beyond his/her personal control. Each skip you attempt to locate will bring new and more inventive schemes to the industry and solutions. You can find creativity in your work.

Skip tracing is more than a 9 to 5’er; it will involve your attentions outside of your office space. Newspaper ads, notices stapled to telephone poles, overheard conversation, political change are examples. Success as a skip tracer will come from astute mind armed with experience and knowledge of current events. It is to your advantage to keep your ears, eyes and mind open outside of the office.

Good luck.

Feel free to contact Mr. McLeish as he likes to keep 'up to date' with the most current Skip Tracing 'schemes'. Open forums, like this, should be a part of your office environment as an extra learn tool. Your opinions, suggestions, ideas of the Skip Tracing Institute are also appreciated.

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The ABCs to Skip Tracing guide.
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