In the first scene, we are at Club David during a fundraising show for people living with AIDS. We are introduced to Gloria Swansong , the hostess of the show, who is campaigning to be elected the thirteenth Goddess. She introduces Doug to the audience as he collects Leana's tips, who has just performed. Later, while ordering cocktails from stage she introduces Charity Banks (drag-daughter & a past Goddess) who is the bartender. Charity and Gloria "ham it up" for the audience taking "pot shots" at Patty Melt; the only queen who would campaign against Gloria for Goddess Thirteen. Patty closes the scene, when introduced, to performing her famous German Wench act, which ends in disaster.

In Act One Scene Two, we see Gloria training Leana that it's proper to keep the tips meant for the cause of the evening's event. Charity overhears, while delivering cocktails to the changing room and attempts protest. This is the 'last straw' for Charity, who then decides she has to stop Gloria from becoming the thirteenth Goddess. Later at the Burger King, Doug points out that Patty is the only one who has the nerve to campaign against Gloria. Suddenly, Charity sees her opportunity to get back at Gloria for years of manipulating her and the entire fundraising system. Although Patty seems to be rather dim-witted and an unlikely candidate for Goddess, Charity takes her as a challenge and we are witness to the formation of this alliance.

In Act One Scene Four, Leana and Charity meet at Club David for afternoon cocktails and to catch up on gossip. At the end of the scene, Leana has decided to stick with Gloria for the campaign and Charity admits to supporting Patty. We see these "devoted sisters" divided by politics.

We learn, in Act One Scene Five, Charity and Patty have been joined by Doug, who has been tossed out of Gloria's campaign effort. These three become confident with hard work and the luck of Patty's astrological predictions, they will combat Gloria and Leana in the weeks leading up to voting day.

Act Two begins with a bang through a rather haunting scene between Gloria and Charity. It seems there is much more at the heart of this race than community face, a crown and a fundraising position.

Gloria is revealed to us as much more then the 'Glittering Star' when in Act Two Scene Two, she and Leana show us a side of politics and politicians we have all seen before, however never in this reality.

Next, we are treated to several film shorts, in a Keystone Cop/Charlie Chaplin style, exposing the efforts of Gloria's and Patty's campaigns to become the thirteenth Goddess.

Finally, in our search in FINDING A GODDESS, we attend the Coronation Ball and the crowning ceremonies of the thirteenth Goddess.

Cast Required:

Five males & from one to several chorus members - male or female

Playing Time:

Two acts in one hour 30 minutes.

Cast of Characters

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