Cast of Character

Charity Banks

Charity Banks is a waiter/bartender at Club David. He is thirty years old, muscular and attractive. He appears masculine but when animated is very feminine. As a bartender he loves to wear flashy, to mid 1990's club wear. Charity was elected the second Goddess by his community and is Gloria's drag-daughter and longtime friend. Ms. Banks is a caring person who believes that comedy is a cure-all. He is very cautious so as not to create a situation he could subsequently regret. Charity is honest with everyone and when returning this favor he sometimes comes off quite harsh. Underneath a cool rather collected surface, is a wild rage that sits idle, having been controlled since childhood. He must exert great force to subdue any possible out break. Charity fears situations where his personal standards are offended for this, he knows, is a potential trigger for his anger.

Gloria Swansong

Gloria is drag mother to many queens and is aspiring to become Goddess again, having reign as the first Goddess some thirteen years ago. He is known for the extremes of good and bad he has been rumored to have done. He is viewed as a warm person and is always entertaining. The exterior he has created protects, he thinks, anyone from determining he is sad, alone and caught in a physical and emotional trap. He is a remnant of a once kind, gentle, giving person. Gloria has learned by experience and uses that knowledge to manipulate new queens, street boys and her audience. He is in his late forties, is a heavy smoker and drinker. His drag is expressed as a Hollywood movie star from the 1920s to 40s; rich, glamorous, complete, and aging.

Leana Bitt

Leana is living with Doug, he is a friend of Charity and present 'partner in training' with Gloria. Leana is a follower who appears to be in the lead because of his youthful energy. He is driven to be popular and liked by anyone. Leana is always 'on'. To anyone observing, Leana appears very androgynous. On stage he is convincing as a female performer. However, he is unsure of how the world sees him, which results in a defensive, somewhat grating personality who is constantly seeking approval. These more negative traits are often magnified as tasteless and vulgar, when animated off stage.

Patty Melt

Patty has a youthful and innocent face who can be between twenty to forty years of age. He is heavily into astrology and lives by astrological charts. Patty is fat and has always been throughout his life. His physical situation affects him emotionally. Patty wants to be the next elected Goddess for some very personal and honest reasons. There is a methodical temp to his character, which might appear to be a handicap. In reality Patty is being deliberate caution, not wanting to make the slightest error. Once he has warmed up to someone or is on stage he exhibits a bubbling personality that is remarkably different from his off stage character; withdrawn and shy. He has a street toughness and is always on guard. Behind this facade, he is warm, caring and concerned. He has a need to belong that, in the extreme, does not allow him to realize when he is being insulted or rejected.


Doug is about thirty years old, husky, masculine and ruggedly handsome. He speaks in an uneducated and uncultured manner. Doug is a recovering drug addict/alcoholic. He tries to help others with the knowledge gained in counseling while working to get himself under control. On the surface Doug may seem harsh and crude but in reality he is rather gentle and honest, exuding warmth and passion. As his character develops, we see Doug is a problem solver. He has a way of seeing the source of issues and enjoys leading those involved to a resolution. He is ready to take on all challenges and prides himself in being a 'jack of all trades'.

Chorus Members

An Off Stage voice.

Act One Scene One / Off Stage Voice:
A drunken customer. Costumed in black & an exaggerated mask.

Act Two Scene Four / Non-speaking Role:
Page brings an important prop on stage for the final scene. Costumed in black, with drag accents & an exaggerated mask.

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